Internal Regulations


In accordance with Article 25 of Decree-Law 13/2020 of May 18, of 47/2004, of February 10, on Hotel Establishments, BOJA No. 27, of May 18, 2020, the establishment has the following Internal Regulations that will be mandatory for all guests of the establishment.

Article 25 of Decree 13/2020 states:
“Hotel establishments must have internal regulations establishing mandatory rules for guests during their stay, without contravening the provisions of Law 13/2011, of December 23, or the present Chapter. The internal regulations will always be made available to guests and will be displayed, at least, in Spanish and English, in a visible and easily accessible location within the establishment. This regulation must be advertised on the establishment’s own website, if available.

The operating companies of hotel establishments may seek assistance from the Security Forces to evict those who fail to comply with the internal regulations, violate the usual rules of social coexistence, or intend to access or remain in the establishment for purposes other than the normal use of the services, in accordance with the provisions of Article 36.4 of Law 13/2011, of December 23.”

The managing companies of hotel establishments may seek the assistance of law enforcement authorities to expel individuals who fail to adhere to the internal regulations, violate customary rules of social cohabitation, or attempt to access or stay on the premises for purposes other than the regular use of the service, in accordance with the provisions outlined in Article 36.4 of the Law 13/2011, dated December 23.


1.1. The relationships arising from the accommodation services that customers or guests receive from this establishment shall be governed by Commercial Law and, subsidiarily, by applicable Civil Law, the Regional Tourism Law of the Junta de Andalucía, the Regulation of Accommodation Establishments, as well as the corresponding Government Regulations. These provisions are considered binding, known, and accepted by the client, and, in addition, the common customs and practices that govern the matter in this area shall also apply.


2.1. Clients are required to present an official identification document upon admission to the hotel establishment. Minors under the age of 14 may identify themselves with a family book.

2.2. Before being admitted, all users of the hotel establishment shall be given an admission document that must be signed obligatorily by the client. This document includes the name, category, and registration number of the establishment, the number or identification of the accommodation unit, the number of people who will occupy it, check-in and check-out dates, meal plan, and the accommodation price. Once signed, the admission document shall be kept by the establishment.


3.1. Access and/or stay of individuals for services offered by the establishment to both clients and the public will be denied under the following circumstances:

a) When the established capacity has been reached with the users already inside the premises or establishment.

b) When the closing time of the establishment has been exceeded.

c) Entry to the premises will be denied if the individual does not meet the minimum age required according to the current regulations.

d) When the person attempting to enter has not paid the entrance fee or ticket, where applicable.

e) When the person displays violent behaviour, particularly when acting aggressively or causing disturbances, creating hazardous situations, or causing inconvenience to other attendees or staff. Also, when the person disrespects hotel employees or other guests.

f) Individuals failing to meet minimum hygiene requirements will be refused entry.

g) When the person carries weapons or objects that can be used as such unless, in accordance with the specific applicable regulations, they are members of the Security Forces or personal security personnel working for private companies and access the establishment in the performance of their duties.

h) When the person is consuming drugs, narcotics, or psychotropic substances or shows signs of having consumed them, and those who display evident signs or behaviours of being intoxicated. Similarly, expulsion will occur when they intentionally cause damages to the facilities, create disturbances, noise, especially after receiving complaints from other users whose tranquillity and privacy are disturbed.

i) When the person has committed any theft inside the establishment.

j) When the person has used the hotel’s equipment improperly to move between rooms, engaging in activities such as “balconing” or any related reckless behaviour practices.

k) Swimwear is not permitted for dinner service in the restaurant. To access dining and cafeteria services, guests are required to have dry swimwear and, at a minimum, wear a short-sleeved shirt and shorts.

l) It is strictly prohibited to relieve oneself in the swimming pool. In all these cases, the hotel establishment may seek the assistance of the competent Police Authority Agents.

However, in the cases described above, the person remains obliged to pay for the expenses incurred until the moment access or stay in the establishment is prohibited.

m) Individuals who bring animals without written permission from the management, except for people with disabilities.


4.1. Users are obligated to pay for the services contracted at the time of presentation of the invoice.

4.2. The hotel establishment may request prior payment guarantee through various means, such as credit card, bank transfer, etc., for the contracted services, both for the total reservation and any additional extras.

4.3. A specified cancellation period will be set, after which the guarantee will not be refunded. It is important to note that under no circumstances will the guarantee be refunded for cancellations made on the day of arrival.

4.4. Non-payment by the guest for any hotel service, including meals in the restaurant or drinks at the bar, will result in the immediate termination of the accommodation service. The hotel manager or staff in charge may seek assistance from law enforcement to enforce and carry out the eviction from the room.


5.1. Any extension of the stay beyond the contracted period without prior agreement will not be permitted. In case of prolonging the stay without prior agreement, an additional day’s charge will be added to the room price.

5.2. As a guest, you have the right to occupy your room/apartment from 2:00 PM on the first day until 11:00 AM on the day of departure, unless a different arrangement has been made.


6.1. The hotel has certain occupancy limits for different types of rooms:

• In a double room, the maximum allowed occupancy is two people and one baby (0-1.99 years).

• For a superior room, the maximum allowed occupancy is three people.

• In a standard apartment, the maximum allowed occupancy is four people.

• In a family apartment or suite, the maximum allowed occupancy is five people.

Exceeding these occupancy limits is not permitted, and all guests must adhere to them.

For this purpose, minors aged 0 to 18 years will be counted in all cases.

6.2. The number of people in each room may not exceed the capacity assigned by the company.

6.3. Visits to the rooms are not permitted. Guests may not accommodate individuals other than those registered, and in any case, they must inform the administration in advance of any changes in the number or identification of the originally registered individuals. Visitors of guests are not allowed to stay overnight.

6.4. Unaccompanied minors under the age of 18 cannot be accommodated unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will take responsibility for them.


7.1. For any matter related to the functioning of the establishment, guests should direct their inquiries to the manager. (If they have any issues with the room, please report it at the reception.)


8.1. Guests are obliged to inform the hotel administration of any contagious illnesses, deaths, violations, or crimes that occur in the establishment and come to their knowledge, so that the company can take appropriate measures and promptly report to the authorities when necessary.


9.1. The room cleaning schedule begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. If the room is not vacant within that time frame, cleaning will not be conducted, except in exceptional cases and with prior agreement.

9.2. If you wish to have your towels changed, please place them inside the bathtub/shower.

9.3. Bed sheets are changed every 4 nights of your stay.

9.4. If you prefer not to be disturbed or have your room serviced, please hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

9.5. The hotel staff will have unrestricted access to occupied rooms during the course of their duties.


10.1. The buffet restaurant serves meals during the following hours:

Breakfast is served from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM.

Lunch is served from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

Dinner is served from 8:15 PM to 10:15 PM.

10.2. Customers who have not pre-booked the meal service can purchase a ticket at the reception.

10.3. Beverages are not included except for the all-inclusive package.

10.4. Guests are kindly asked not to bring beverages from outside to consume in the cafeteria or restaurant. Also, guests are not allowed to take food from the buffet.

10.5. The cafeteria is open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

10.6. For the benefit of all guests, please do not move the furniture.

The dining and bar hours may be subject to change if deemed necessary by the management.


11.1. The all-inclusive package is specifically assigned to each individual customer and is non-transferable. Guests are not permitted to offer or share the products and services included in the package with other customers. Any attempt to do so would be considered a fraudulent use of the services, and the customer may be held responsible for the consumed items or may face modifications to the package.

11.2. As part of the all-inclusive package, soft drinks, beers, and select wines will be available on tap. Each order will be limited to a maximum of two drinks, and customers are welcome to place as many orders as they desire.

11.3. The all-inclusive menu may feature premium items with an additional charge.

11.4. The all-inclusive service at the cafeteria is available from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM, with specific hours for snacks and ice cream.

11.5. The all-inclusive benefits start at 12:00 PM on the day of arrival and continue until 12:00 PM on the day of departure.


12.1. The pool’s service hours are from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Swimming outside of these hours is strictly prohibited. Access to the pool area is limited to guests staying at the hotel.

12.2. Guests must always adhere to the pool’s usage rules and follow the instructions given by the hotel’s lifeguards and staff.

12.3. Bringing glass objects or any sharp materials into the pool area is strictly prohibited.

12.4. The use of floaters, balls, inflatable mattresses, and similar objects in the pool is not allowed. If you have any questions, please consult the hotel staff.

12.5. The hotel provides towels exclusively for pool use, available for rent with a 10.00€ deposit, which will be refunded upon their return.

12.6. The use of pool loungers is free of charge, and guests cannot reserve them. If loungers are left unattended for at least 30 consecutive minutes, the hotel staff may remove personal belongings and reassign the loungers to other guests waiting to use them.

12.7. To use the adult pool slides, guests must meet a minimum height requirement of 1.20 meters.

Thirteenth. – GYM AND SPA

13.1. The gym and spa are located within the hotel premises. The spa’s operating hours are from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM from June 15th to September 15th and may be extended or modified if the demand exceeds the facility’s capacity and the management deems it appropriate.

13.4. Access to the gym/spa is not included in the room rate (except for guests aged 14 and above who have booked an All-Inclusive package, as they will have access during their stay). You can purchase a ticket at the spa reception or the main reception desk.

Fourteenth. – PARKING

14.1. The parking service is not included in the accommodation rate and will incur an additional charge. The price may vary depending on the dates.

14.2. The hotel is not liable for any damages that may occur to your vehicle caused by other vehicles within the parking area.

14.3. When parking your vehicle, please occupy only one parking space.

14.4. The parking area is exclusively for hotel guests. Unauthorized vehicles may be subject to towing at our discretion.

14.5. The use of the parking spaces designated for disabled guests must be justified by displaying the required card inside the vehicle.


15.1. The animation and lifeguard services are provided by external companies; Gesiemes 2017 S.L and Sama 2005 SLU are the respective companies.


16.1. Guests are strictly prohibited from: a) Using the rooms for gambling activities prohibited by law or holding meetings aimed at disrupting public order or disobeying current laws or regulations. b) Damaging the furniture, decor, or property of the establishment by using them for purposes other than their intended use. c) Misusing emergency exits and other special doors. d) Bringing into the rooms any movable objects not typically used or belonging to a tourist. e) Smoking throughout the establishment, except in designated smoking areas. f) Allowing entry to animals without express authorization from the establishment, except for individuals accompanied by guide dogs as provided for in Law 5/1998, of November 23, regarding the use of guide dogs by people with visual impairments in Andalusia. h) Causing disruptions or disturbances to other users within the establishment, using electrical power and mechanical equipment in the rooms for purposes other than their intended use.

The company reserves the right to terminate the accommodation service if these prohibitions are violated. The guest responsible for the violations will not be entitled to any reduction in their accommodation or service charges and will be liable to pay for any damages or losses resulting from their actions.

Seventeenth. – PET ADMISSION

17.1. Animals are not allowed in any area of the establishment, except for guide dogs. The access of guide dogs is permitted free of charge and is not limited, as provided for in current legislation.


18.1. Starting from 12:00 AM, guests are kindly requested to maintain absolute silence and avoid any disruptive behaviour that may disturb other guests.

Nineteenth. – DEPOSIT.

19.1. The company is not responsible for items deposited in the rooms or in the room safe. The hotel will not be liable for theft, pilferage, or loss of items that have not been deposited at the front desk under proper custody, nor for items left in the luggage storage room without being properly secured. Therefore, it is recommended to place all belongings inside your luggage and lock it securely.


a) Keep an eye on your luggage and do not leave it unattended.

b) Close the door of your room when leaving and try to reopen it to ensure it is locked.

c) Keep the door of your room properly closed even if you are only away for a short time.

d) Lock your luggage when not in use and store it in the closet. If your luggage has a lock, always use it.

e) Safeguard the key to your room. Do not simply leave it on the reception counter. Always hand back the key in person before leaving.

f) Do not keep the room key card together with any document indicating the hotel or room number.

g) Immediately notify the management of any suspicious activity you observe, such as individuals behaving strangely in the hallways, repeated phone calls from unidentified persons, or knocks on your door by unknown individuals.

h) Do not invite strangers to your room or disclose your room number to them.

i) Do not allow maintenance personnel to enter your room without prior request or authorization from the management. j) Safe boxes are available in your room. Please check with the front desk for the terms of proper usage. The establishment will not be liable for any damage to items that are not stored in those safe boxes.


20.1. Custody of forgotten items. Items left behind in the rooms will be kept in custody for a period of two months, after which the hotel management will dispose of them as deemed appropriate. Under no circumstances will underwear, personal hygiene products, food, or beverages be included among the items kept in custody.

Twenty-first. – DATA PROTECTION

21.1. The personal data of our esteemed clients may be included in our files solely for management purposes. Clients may access this information at any time to request its rectification, modification, or total or partial cancellation by contacting the hotel through any means. Personal data will only be disclosed to public institutions in compliance with current legislation.

21.2. The personal data of our esteemed clients may also be included in our files for purely commercial and promotional purposes. Clients may access this information at any time to request its rectification, modification, or total or partial cancellation by contacting the hotel through any means, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data.

It is understood that, at the time of making the reservation, the client and/or guest is fully aware of and expressly and tacitly agrees to accept the entire internal regulations of the Reina Aparthotel (Advised Hotels Reina), being in agreement and in accordance with all the aforementioned points.


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